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SWS your partner

for Maintenance & repairs

SWS is your partner for Maintenance & repairs, troubleshooting, mechanical repairs,

inspections, and inventory of industrial machines and equipment.

Techniker lächelt vermittelt positivität.

SWS is a professional

Industrial Service Provider

Furthermore, SWS carries out repair and maintenance work. We are a service and maintenance specialist for your needs. In addition, SWS as a reliable partner, offers a diverse range of services for both manufacturers and operators for mechanical assemblies and installations.

Our company operates across Europe. Through successfully projects we developed a diverse range of services and assembly expertise.

Why our company?


We respond with responsibility to our customers. Following our mission, we set the highest standards for ourselves to meet the expectations of our customers.


Doing the best beyond any limitation. Our vision is to become a valued company that our clients can rely on, based on respect and professionality.


We are determined to be always up-to-date. This to ensure that our customer’s machines don’t have downtime in short time and retain their value over the long term.


We provide professional repairs and maintenance services. Our priority is to adapt our services to our customer’s needs.

Our team has years of experience and practical knowledge for the maintenance and repair of industrial machines and equipment.

We support our customers in the following areas: inspection, status analysis, functional verification and mechanical check-up, leak check and other controls, equipment cleaning, maintenance and mechanical repair, complete revision, lubrication and oil service, analysis of maintenance process.

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SWS is a professional industrial service provider based in Switzerland.

We are an experienced and enthusiast team. Above all, integrity, reliability and efficiency define who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We are pleased to be your service and maintenance partner for industrial machines.

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