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Our vision is to become a valued company that our clients can rely on. We treat our customers with respect and responsibility. We promise to be a company which give you quality by meeting your expectations. Your priorities are our priorities. Your goals are our goals.

Our company assure the maintenance and repair of your industrial machines and equipment. We provide our customers with a professional service package. We are services and maintenance specialists for your needs.

SWS is a professional industrial service provider. In addition to mechanical assemblies and commissioning, as a reliable partner, we offer a diverse range of services for both manufacturers and operators.

Our Team

  • Alfonso Lazzarano
    Alfonso Lazzarano Owner & CEO

    Always up for a challenge, Alfonso isn’t afraid to dive into new projects or hobbies. He has many creative ideas and organizational skills that help us to be more efficient in what we do. He began his professional career working many years as a technician and later, in the Quality Assurance Department and as Produkt Certification Manager for 28 worldwide subsidiaries of a multinational company. Alfonso has also many years of experience as a mechanical expert and programmer. In the last years, he increased his experience in winding technologies for the metal industry. Outside of work, Alfonso enjoys gardening, good food and photography, and he loves to read… a lot.

  • Carmen Lazzarano
    Carmen Lazzarano Owner & Marketing Manager

    Throughout her career, Carmen has played a wide range of roles, as a credit officer in the banking sector and as a charity fundraiser for nonprofit organizations. As a mediator, she helped parties in conflict to reach a voluntary resolution at their disputes. She has also several years of experience as a senior expert accountant. More than 10 years, Carmen managed with success her own company which offered accounting services and tax advisory for SME. In her personal life, Carmen defines herself as a woman in love with her amazing, remarkable, extraordinary husband. When she’s not working for SWS, can usually be found gardening, exploring Italian cuisine or making marmalade. Music and love are all around.

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