Coil winding technology

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Coil winding technology for electric motor production

Coil Winding Specialists

Swiss Winding Service GmbH is committed to being a solution for various machines and accessories related to winding processes. Our maintenance programs for winding machines are a smart support formula. Furthermore, we are from the opinion that comprehensive maintenance programs lead to winding production optimization. Our coil winding specialists are ready to visit you. Do you produce high-quality coils? Under those circumstances, our preventive approach could be attractive, applicable and effective for you.

Active or predictive maintenance strategy

SWS provides a range of maintenance services to perform your production at an optimal level. As a result, we can build for each customer the most suitable maintenance strategy, from an active to a predictive model.

We focus our actions to help you with costs control and value maximization of your investments. Our coil winding specialists respond quickly and provide better solutions.

Diagnostic, repair and maintenance

SWS offers more than maintenance services for the winding machines. This is only one of our main activities. Our coil winding specialists are trained in diagnostic, repair and winding practices. We offer technical support for winding machines. Moreover, we provide our clients with support through the on-site presence or telephone assistance. Furthermore, we are pleased to assist you with:

Programming and prototyping, program development, prototype development, new production start and more. Check out our complete list of services.

Winding technology and maintenance

Are you a coil producer? Does your company wound high-quality coil products? We know how important it is for you to avoid machine downtime. Unfortunately, there are situations when critical failures can occur. These will generate production interruptions.

The fully used production capacity leaves no room for recovery and leads production under further pressure. Through scheduled maintenance, the production capacity will be increased and the machine downtime will be prevented at an early stage.

Above all, is not always possible to make high investments for a new production line. Therefore, many companies are constrained to a high degree of machine utilization. This is happening in order to meet the demand of the final customers and to achieve the production goals. As a consequence, SWS is an affordable and sustainable alternative solution for your company.

Appropriate solutions to difficult winding problems

Our technicians are experienced in various aspects of coil winding technologies. More importantly, we can provide appropriate solutions to difficult winding problems.

During of unplanned downtime of your machine, we are there to provide fast and flexible assistance. In the course of an emergency or when the winding process fails, we are there to quickly restore the machine availability.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

There are situations when critical failures can occur. These will generate production interruptions for your winder.
Technical malfunctions can be reduced by anticipatory actions and fast response times.
Our coil winding specialists respond quickly and provide mechanical solutions. We will solve your winder problems and restart your production process.

Service missions in the whole of Europe

We offer our mechanical and maintenance services in the whole of Europe. The travel distance is not an obstacle for us, where ever you are in Europe.

Our Partners

Coil winding technology for electric motor production

SWS is a strategic partner for Ningbo Nide Mechanical Equipment CO., L.t.d.

As a manufacturer of competitive machines for electric motor production, developed in many years of experience, NIDE can provide a large range of standard and customized machines.

We promote and intermediate the sales of NIDE machines and production lines for motor manufacturing and the sales of motor components in the whole of Europe.

Furthermore, we can support you to purchase spare parts for your winding machines such as needles, bearings, and more.

As part of the partnership, SWS is the official sales and after-sales service provider for NIDE Europe.

We offer technical support and after-sales service for the NIDE machines.

Maschine examples:

Lacing machines for the metal industry, conveyor technology, handling, bending, industrial welding machines, electric motor stators winding machines (needle winders, flyer winders, linear winders, coil winders, shed winders, etc.)

Industry area:


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